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I want to learn Dutch...

... because I would like to talk with my colleagues. I want to learn Dutch, since I would like to write my thesis in Dutch. I want to learn Dutch, so I can read that great Dutch literature.

  • Emelyne from France:

    Thank you for your classes, I learned a lot and that was a lot of fun. I think you are a very good teacher and I would recommend your course to anyone that wants to learn dutch!

  • Andreas from Greece:

    "I am a student at Wageningen University. Recently, I decided to learn Dutch. Robert offers a quiet and friendly environment. It is common that students have limited leisure time. But, Robert's lesson is ideal because you learn and practice a lot during the lesson time."

  • Bakir from Pakistan:

    “When I came to The Netherlands, the language was a huge challenge for me. I had to do language tests for the Delft University within one year. Then I heard there was a teacher in my neighborhood. He gave me many lessons en helped me with grammar and writing skills. I passed all my language tests and now I am a student civil engineering. Thanks to all coaching and help from my teacher Robert I can now write a Dutch recommendation.

  • Serena from China:

    I have studied Dutch course there for 1 and half years. I like this course very much as it is quite useful for me. I started from beginner level and now I can master basic Dutch language (I am very happy with it). The structure of this course is very flexible and teacher will make a private study plan based on your current level.  The content is also very funny, which increase my interests in learning a new language. The teacher is very friendly and patient. If you are interested in Dutch language and would like to improve your current Dutch level, this course will help you a lot.

Learn fast

We start with a Dutch greeting: “Goedemiddag, hoe gaat het met je?” We use Dutch as main language as much as possible. Ofcourse, you might make some mistakes and you will learn from them.

Small groups

The group consists of three to seven students. The teacher can therefore respond to your wishes. Because the groups are small, it makes it easy to train conversation exercises.

Personal attention

The teacher gives you full attention. He recognizes your progress and tells you what things you should improve. The teacher checks your pronunciation and trains you to improve it. With personal attention, in small groups, you learn fast.