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In September 2024 new groups will start.
These group lessons cost 15 euros per person per lesson. All courses are two lessons a week.

  • group 1: Monday 19:00h and Thursday 19:00h. Starts September 9th.
  • group 2: Tuesday 17:00h and Friday 17:00h. Starts September 10th.
  • group 3: Monday 17:00h and Thursday 17:00h. Starts September 9th.
  • group 4: Wednesday 19:00h and Friday 19:00h. Starts September 11th.
  • group 5 (beginners online) Monday 15:00h and Thursday 15:00h. Starts September 9th.
  • group 6 (intermediate online) Tuesday 15:00h and Friday 15:00h. Starts September 10th.
  • group 7 (advanced online) Tuesday 13:00h and Friday 13:00h. Starts September 10th.

Everybody has access to the beginners groups, but for the other groups there is an assessment. You can have an intake with me, online or at my place.

You can also make an appointment for private lessons.
Private lessons cost 30 euros per lesson. For private lessons you are welcome at my place, but we can also do it online.