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Emelyne from France:

Thank you for your classes, I learned a lot and that was a lot of fun. I think you are a very good teacher and I would recommend your course to anyone that wants to learn dutch!

Andreas from Greece:

"I am a student at Wageningen University. Recently, I decided to learn Dutch. Robert offers a quiet and friendly environment. It is common that students have limited leisure time. But, Robert's lesson is ideal because you learn and practice a lot during the lesson time."

Bakir from Pakistan:

“When I came to The Netherlands, the language was a huge challenge for me. I had to do language tests for the Delft University within one year. Then I heard there was a teacher in my neighborhood. He gave me many lessons en helped me with grammar and writing skills. I passed all my language tests and now I am a student civil engineering. Thanks to all coaching and help from my teacher Robert I can now write a Dutch recommendation.

Serena from China:

I have studied Dutch course there for 1 and half years. I like this course very much as it is quite useful for me. I started from beginner level and now I can master basic Dutch language (I am very happy with it). The structure of this course is very flexible and teacher will make a private study plan based on your current level.  The content is also very funny, which increase my interests in learning a new language. The teacher is very friendly and patient. If you are interested in Dutch language and would like to improve your current Dutch level, this course will help you a lot.

Dimitris from Greece:

The lessons with Robert were fun. From the first lesson he forces you - in a good way - to speak Dutch. He is always willing to help you and he is very flexible with the planning - very useful for students.