The teachers


My name is Robert-Jan van Egmond. I was born in 1973 in Renkum. I lived for a long time in Delft, where I studied mathematics at the Delft University. I have three sons who live with their mother in Delft. Now I live in Wageningen and I am back to my roots. I am in touch with a youthfriend and we play music: he on his keyboard and I on a clarinet and we both sing.

I like to do new things. While I had been a math teacher for years, my neighbor from Pakistan asked me to teach him Dutch. Despite I didn’t have experience yet, I said yes immediately. My neighbor passed all languagetests and that allowed him to study civil engineering at the Delft University. I was very proud on my neighbor and I was also proud on myself. I decided to continue with this and now I am a Dutch teacher for a couple of years. I am enjoying it very much.

I love to meet with people. Every Tuesdayevening I am swimming as a volunteer with disabled people. It gives me a good feeling to help other people and there is a very nice atmosphere. A good atmosphere is also important for the Dutch lessons. The nice part of being a Dutch teacher is to meet people from all kind of cultures.

People who know me say that I am open, reliable, flexible and nice to work with.


My name is Lukkien Hoiting. I was born in Hoogeveen and I lived in a small village in Drente the first twenty years. I studied arts in Arnhem and Dutch in Nijmegen.

I teached the Dutchh languag to young people and to adults. I like to be meaningful for somebody. I like teaching the Dutch language because it is a way to meet people of other cultures.

I lived in Portugal for ten years. I like this country and I wanted to be acquinted with the Portuguese culture. It was a very interesting experience. When my husband passed away, I returned to the Netherlands. I have two children and four grandchildren. The live close to me and I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

I love nature and I like to walk and to cycle. I am very interested in art. Sometimes I work as an artist. Pianomusic is my favorite. I like to listen to the music of Einaudi.